Ismerd meg a Wing Tsun titkait!

The features of the techniques

Functionally Wing Tsun can be considered as a soft style. It does not respond to force with force, it lets the force pass by. It does not block the attack but diverts it. It is a feature of all the techniques of Wing Tsun. Therefore it can be said that a weaker person can also stand up against a much stronger enemy.

The other main feature of the style is that defense and attacks are not performed separately instead they are performed at the same time. It neutralizes the incoming attack and attacks back at the same time.

The attacks are against the weak points of the human body (depending on the severity of the situation): eye, nose, chin, throat, sternum, pit of the stomach, loin, joints. These parts of the body cannot be strengthened up. An attacker with a stronger physique has the same weak points as an average person.

The attacking movements are simple, they do not require extraordinary flexibility or acrobatic skills. Types of the attacks: punches with fist (straight, upper-cut, hook punch), punches with palm, elbow punches, punches with the edge of the hand, thrusts, kicks.

Wing Tsun uses all five phases of the fight:

  • kicks
  • strikes
  • close combat (elbow, knee technics)
  • grappling
  • ground fighting

The characteristics of the kicks that they are performed low, maximum up to the height of the pit of the stomach. It is because of the stability of the kicks, because a fighter fights with high kicks is unstable standing on one leg, in case the enemy blocks the kick.

The attacks are fast and dynamic. The Wing Tsun fighter never stops, always moves, attacks, does not give a chance the enemy to perform a counterstrike. The techniques are not performed in the order they were practiced, they are adopted to the sitatuation. It does not matter if the enemy uses a technique that the Wing Tsun fighter is not familiar with. Our students are able to use the familiar techniques according to the situation and come out of the fight as the winner.
Wing Tsun is not a sport, it is a martial art. It does not have rules, that is why there are no competitions. The rule of Wing Tsun is that there are no rules. In a fight for your life, you can use everything as a weapon. The techniques all have a common characteristic, all of them are effective. Wing Tsun has only efficient technics. Unnecessary, so-called dead techniques have no place in the system of Wing Tsun.