Fitness camp in Tiszafüred

Fitness camp in Tiszafüred – Report

The fitness camp of Hungary took place in Tiszafüred from 2018 July 11 to 2018 July 15 with more than thirty participants.

The participants had two two-hour trainings a day during which they gained a lot of experience and learned several useful techniques. The beginners practiced Chum Kiu techniques and trained how to fight with several attackers. The experienced students took part in Chi Sao sections in which they practiced groundfighting techniques and also professed fighting with several opponents. The instructors practiced Biu Jee.

But it was not only training and fighting!

There were several extra-curricular activities such as boating on Lake Tisza.

The fitness camp finished with examinations. Everyone succeeded!


Della O’Sullivan progressed to Master level 2

Márton Horváth and Dániel Pásztor were awarded Instructor level 1 and level 2 respectively!

Congratulations to all of them! 🙂