Ismerd meg a Wing Tsun titkait!


Grading system and Curriculum

The grading system is based on the five Taoist elements: fire, water, earth, wood and metal. Every part of the Wing Tsun system can be associated with one of the above five element. The whole body of the Wing Tsun curriculum is divided into 25 grades in groups of 5 complemented with two initial and two closing grades.

Beginner Student
  • 2 Initial student grades
  • Basics of self-defense and of Wing Tsun

Practitioner Student
  • 5 Grades based on the Siu Nim Tau form
  • Basics of Defense against knives, sticks, etc…
  • Symbol: The element of fire

Advanced Student
  • 5 Grades based on the Chum Kiu form
  • Basics of Ground fighting
  • Symbol: The element of water

  • 5 Grades based on the Biu Jee form
  • Fighting changing opponents
  • Teaching at various levels
  • Symbol: The element of earth

  • 5 Grades based on the form of Muk Yan Chong (wooden dummy)
  • Fighting multiple opponents
  • Symbol: The element of wood

Master of Masters
  • 5 Grades based on the form of Luk Dim Boon Kwun (long pole) and Bart Cham Dao (butterfly knives)
  • Symbol: The element of metal

  • 2 closing grades

To acquire a grade it is necessary to be completely familiar with the associated curriculum. In addition to this – from the instructor grades – it is also required for a Wing Tsun practitioner to spend a definite amount of time in their current grade before advancing to the next.

It is a unique feature of our grading system that between the student and the master grades there are separate grades for instructors. These are aimed to prepare the practitioner for teaching Wing Tsun and leading a kung fu school.

Accepting grades previously acquired in the Leung Ting system

Our association accepts all grades previously acquired in the Leung Ting system, they will not be lost and they can be transferred to our system.

Regular Wing Tsun events for our students
  • Seminars in each spring and fall
  • Summer camps
  • Special seminars

At these events our students can practice in groups corresponding to their level (Siu Nim Tau, Chum Kiu, Chi Sau), while Kung Fu experts and masters of Wing Tsun help them to get familiar with the techniques and to learn them properly. At the end of each of these events students have the opportunity to take exams.

Regular trainings for the instructors and the masters

The instructors of our organization deepen their knowledge of Wing Tsun at:

  • regular instructors’ trainings at our headquarters
  • private lessons

During the private lessons and at these trainings the instructors also practice in groups corresponding to their level (Siu Nim Tau, Chum Kiu, Biu Jee, Muk Yan Chong applications, Chi Sau section, the weapons of Wing Tsun)