Affiliated branch

We have come to another great milestone in our relationship with Sifu Carson Lau. During our visit to Canada and Sifu Lau seminar in Hungary we had the possibility to meet a very kind and professional Kung Fu master with great knowledge. Moreover his family of Wing Tsun represent the same values of family with friendliness and respect to everyone that we also prefer.

For these reasons we asked Sifu Lau to keep the connection with us and raise our relationship to a higher, more official state, so from the July of 2014 the Five Elements Wing Tsun Kung Fu Association become the affiliated branch of the Carson Wing Tsun Academy lead by Sifu Carson Lau and with this Sifu Lau will undertake the professional training of the association and teaching the last parts of the Wing Tsun techniques.

According to our previous plans our association will keep its independence, the affiliated relationship won’t have any changing effects on the organization itself (including the grading system, the exams and the uniforms). Meanwhile with the support and professional supervision of Sifu Lau and with the annual grandmaster seminar for students and instructors we will strengthen our community and continue going on this journey together.

List of our affiliated branches

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